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Slavyan Stoyanov
Slavyan Stoyanov
Freelance digital artist illustrator
Varna, Bulgaria


My name is Slavyan Stoyanov. I was born at 7.08.1975 in Bulgaria. I love to draw comics since my childhood.

Later I began to study at the Art School in Varna. For a short time I worked wood-carving. I issued few comics
and presented the Bulgarian comics on the Balkan Symposium in Macedonia. Since 1991 I began to work graphic and web design. Adobe Photoshop is my element. Other programs that I know are: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel Painter,Graphic Gale, ArtRage, Dreamweaver, Flash and HTML.

I am engage in digital art, photo manipulation, painting, illustration, pixel art.


Digital PaintingIllustrationGraphic DesignBook Cover Illustration